Vasoconstrictor: Herbs Causing Constriction Of Capillaries

Vasoconstrictor: Herbs causing constriction of capillaries are often used to prevent and treat migraine headaches.

See Also: * Vasodilator

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  • Bugleweed Bugleweed, Lycopus spp. : Water Horehound, Gypsywort
    Perennial herb : Bugleweed is useful in many heart and vascular system disorders ,hyperthyroid conditions and breast pain. ...
  • Camphor Camphor, Cinnamomum camphora :
    Evergreen Tree : When first applied camphor oil numbs and cools the peripheral nerve endings, then warms the painful area as it stimulates circulation to cold, stiff muscles and limbs....
  • Chamomile Chamomile, Matricaria recutita : Camomile, Chamomilla, German chamomile
    Annual herb : Chamomile is an excellent remedy for any emotional disorders that involve stress, anxiety, and tension. The apple-like aroma relaxes and calms and the tea is used home remedies....
  • Cypress Oil Cypress Oil, Cupressus sempervirens :
    tree : Cypress is best known for it's use in oily and over hydrated skin and is one of the essential oils often recommended for cellulite massage blends, treatment of varicose veins and wounds...
  • Peppermint Peppermint, Mentha piperita : Yerba Buena
    Perennial Herb : Peppermint has an antispasmodic effect that soothes stomachaches and relieves gas. Peppermint oil is cooling and analgesic, relieving heat and inflammation while it increases blood flow to the painful area....