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Fennel seed Tea

Fennel seeds brew up a tasty, licorice flavored tea. Great by itself, or as a flavorful addition to other herbal blends. For those who have trouble with poor digestion, gas and bloating, a simple cup of fennel tea after a heavy meal can be the simplest and most effective remedy.

pet remedy Fennel is a gentle antigas and antispasmodic, relieves colic, gas and bloating in both humans and their animal companions. It is also good for chronic indigestion, increases appetite in finicky animals, reduces bad breath, belching, and acts as an antibacterial in the mouth. Add a small amount of fennel directly to food, or add a small amount of fennel seed tea to drinking water.
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Variations:Mix with equal part Ajawin seeds for a hot, peppery tea, add coriander seeds for increased digestion
Recipe Instructions: Herbal Tea :Bruise the seeds in a mortar and pestle to release the essential oil just before brewing. Use 1 teaspoon of seeds for each cup water. Infuse in hot, boiling water for at least 10 minutes in covered vessel. Strain and serve hot. Fennel seed tea can help reduce the appetite when drunk 1/2 hour before meals.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Diet/weight Loss :Weight loss is one of the most popular uses for herbs and also the most misused and misunderstood Learn the facts.
  • Digestion : Poor digestion, gas and bloating affect us all, and there are plenty of good herbal home remedies that help occasional heartburn.
  • Holiday_stress :Holiday Blues? This is the time of year we let go and indulge ourselves in rich foods and strong drink.
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