Diuretic Decoction

Diuretic Decoction

Queen of the meadow*, dwarf-elder, yellow dock and poke-roots, of each 1 oz.; dandelion, burdock, American Sarsaparilla, and blue flag roots, of each 1 half oz.; grind or pound all up, and thoroughly mix.

DoseŚTake up a pinch with the ends of the fingers and thumb of one hand, say 1/4 to 1/2 oz., and pour upon it 1 pt. of boiling water, steeping awhile; when cool, take a swallow or two sufficiently often to use up the pt. in the course of the day.

Follow this plan two or three days, or as may be necessary, resuming the course once in ten or twelve days. It may be used in all obstructions of the kidneys, where the urine is high colored or scanty.

*Meadowsweet: I am unsure whether Dr. Chase refers to the roots here -ariel parts are more commonly used today.. It would be best to exclude poke root from this remedy-it is toxic

Poke Root * Meadowsweet * Burdock * Dandelion * Yellow Dock *
Recipe Instructions: Decoction
Source: Dr. Chase. "Dr. Chase's Recipes", (1866)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Kidney :Herbs used for kidney infection and kidney stone treatment are often diuretic
mountain rose
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