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Chaga Mushroom Coffee

Chaga mushroom brews up a dark, slightly bitter beverage, very similar to coffee in taste and texture, without coffee's oily aftertaste. Good addition to any herbal coffee blend. Sweeten with agave for a good tasting cup of healthy full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals that are known to have cancer preventative effects.

Chaga *
Additions: Blends well with chicory,cinnamon, ginger, sassafras, and carob.
Recipe Instructions: Decoction :2 level tablespoons chopped dried chaga
750 ml (3/2 cups) water
Bring to boil over slow heat, simmer for 10 minutes. Use agave, honey, or stevia to sweeten.

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  • Herbal Decoctions :Unlike infusions, decoctions are boiled. Woody roots, non-aromatic seeds and barks are suited to this method. Tools: You will need a non-reactive, heavy saucepan. I use a Corningware 1 quart pan
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