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Cinnamon Ant Repellent

Cinnamon ant spray
Ants detest cinnamon, which makes it a good kitchen counter insect deterrent that is already at hand in the kitchen. Leaves counters clean and smelling great. 709.0
Cinnamon *
Recipe Instructions: Diffusers : Sprinkle powdered cinnamon liberally on entry points and trails. You can also make a spray bottle using cinnamon essential oil and vinegar. Make it strong, using 100 drops or so to a medium size spray bottle.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Insect Repellent :Getting rid of insects,pests and mosquitoes. There are many benefits of using natural insect repellent remedies rather than commercial sprays based on toxins.
  • Summer :Summer remedies - the best herbal ice teas to cool down summers heat- plus gardening tips, fresh herbs for grilling - insect bites and summer skin care.
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