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Cancer: Nourishing Herbs With Anti-tumor Properties

Green Tea

There are many nourishing herbs that have anti-tumor properties which can and should be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Alfalfa and red clover are two of my favorite remedies because they are non-toxic and can be taken long term. Evening primrose , hemp seed oil, and walnuts are good plant sources of GLA, which has also shown great promise in reducing cancers, especially breast cancers. Cannabis sativa is also one of the few things that can reliably relieve nausea induced by chemotherapy and stave off the dramatic weight loss that is part of this disease.1

Simple healthy lifestyle choices like drinking more green tea, increasing exercise, and most importantly stopping smoking will do a great deal to increase your odds of beating cancer. Remember, cancer is too serious a condition to self medicate. There are no silver bullets, and no miracle cures. 2 However, there are many natural herbal treatments that fly below the radar of conventional medicine, that deserve more study and show great promise.

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