Alcoholism: Recovery And Healing With Herbs

Herbs for alcoholism

The liver takes the brunt of the abuse dished out by long term alcohol abuse, and recovery and healing should begin with healing the liver. Milk thistle is one of the best known and respected herbs for protecting the liver. The silymarin contained in the milk thistle seeds acts to help the liver eliminate toxins, including alcohol. A frequent drinker or recovering alcoholic should consider taking milk thistle extract on a daily basis. White, Linda B. M.D.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Reishi mushrooms have been used as a tonic to prevent "fatty-liver" and cirrhosis due to alcohol abuse. It may be beneficial for people in earlier stages of alcoholic liver disease who have not yet experienced severe loss of liver function.(Balch, Phyllis A. CNC)

Kudzu has shown amazing promise in the fight against problem drinking. Research has shown kudzu can curb the urge to consume alcohol in some populations. Kudzu may be more effective if used in its natural state, such as in kudzu tea. It is possible that persons of East Asian ancestry have the greatest response to kudzu as a treatment for alcohol abuse. (Duke,James, Ph.D.)

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