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Amenorrhea: Herbs For Irregular Periods

Blue Cohosh

Angelica root * Blue Cohosh Root * Bupleurum * Calamus root * Clary Sage * Dong Quai * False Unicorn Root * Ginger Root * Motherwort * Mugwort * PennyRoyal * Pleurisy Root * Stinging Nettle * Tansy *

Amenorrhea, the medical term for the loss of periods in women who should be having regular periods, is a sign that something in the body has gone wrong. Skipped periods can be due to physical or emotional stress, a hormonal imbalance, poor nutrition, or a combination of these reasons and more. Herbs that bring on menstrual flow when there is delayed menstruation --for whatever reason--are known as emmenagogues. Emmenagogues are not recommended during pregnancy until the end of term to help prepare for childbirth (under qualified supervision). Herbal remedies for amenorrhea, spotty, or late menses run the gamut from mild and generally safe herbs( ginger and lemon balm) to much stronger remedies, (tansy and pennyroyal) best left to those with specialized knowledge in using herbs.

If you think you may be pregnant be very careful in choosing herbal teas until you have a good understanding of how you react to them. When in doubt, leave it out.

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