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Natural Remedies For Bronchitis

coltsfoot for bronchitis

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A nagging cough that lingers and causes difficulty in breathing is often symptomatic of bronchitis. Episodes of bronchitis occur more often during the winter months and can follow a viral respiratory infection. Herbal remedies and herbal teas ease difficult breathing by opening up the inflamed airways, inhibit coughing, and act as antiseptics to treat bronchitis. Lobelia, coltsfoot, and elecampane are all good old fashioned herbal remedies that have been in use for centuries for all kinds of respiratory illnesses. They still work just as well today.

A strong cup of coffee in the morning can calm a morning cough. While it speeds up your metabolism, coffee expands lung passages and inhibit bronchospasms.

Aromatic herbs like Caraway, thyme and eucalyptus help break up congestion, fight infections, and calm coughing spasms. Use these herbs in teas, or use their essential oils in vaporizers and room diffusers.

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