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Rheumatoid Arthritis: natural herbal remedies

RA herbs & spices

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There are many herbal remedies that can help to ease rheumatoid arthritis pain, and many have a long history of use. Long before Bayer synthesized aspirin in the late 1890s, Hippocrates (400 BC) was prescribing treatments using white willow bark to relieve pain and reduce fever. Essential oils are used in massage formulas to ease pain without putting extra strain on your liver and stomach.

However the best way to deal with the pain of rheumatoid arthritis is to do everything in your power to prevent it. Supplementing your diet with flax seed, evening primrose, and hemp oil provides the right kind of essential fatty acids your body needs. A diet high in refined sugars and animal products can lead to even worse inflammation. Chronic Vitamin D deficiency is symptomatic of both obesity and RA and you need to check you levels frequently, and supplement if they are low. When you have rheumatoid arthritis, being overweight puts even more stress on your weight bearing joints and can cause your knees, ankles and lower back to degenerate much more rapidly. Carrying around extra pounds may also give you a greater chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis in the first place. 1This makes a healthy diet and strength building exercise like swimming and yoga even more important.

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  12. Phyllis A. Balch. "Prescription for Herbal Healing" Avery, (2002) Boswellia extracts have the distinct advantage over NSAIDS in that they are are potent anti-inflammatory pain relievers without any appreciable side effects. Boswellic acids, active components in boswellia, deactivate the hormonal triggers for inflammation and pain.
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  14. Thomas M. Newmark. "Beyond Aspirin" SCB, (2000) Ocimum sanctum, holy basil, contains the phytonutrient ursolic acid which is specifically recognized for its COX-2 inhibitory effects. believe this herb must be included in everyone's program of preventive medicine.

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