Costmary Tanacetum balsamita L.

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Tanacetum balsamita L.
Tanacetum balsamita cv.majus
Common Names
Costmary , Balsam Herb. Costmarie, Alecost
Botanical Name
Tanacetum balsamita L.

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Costmary

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  • Parts Used: Leaves
  • Constituents: essential oils includes carvone as the main component with minor amounts of beta-thujone, t-dihydrocarvone, c-dihydrocarvone, dihydrocarveol isomer c-carveol and t-carveol

How to Use: Costmary

Costmary has a pleasant balsam-like fragrance and though it was once used medicinally it is now rarely found in the garden or apothecary of modern herbalists. Costmary does have mild astringent properties making it a good addition to ointments, scented potpourri, and herbal baths.

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Costmary leaves can be infused in teas, or used fresh in salads. The aerial parts are often dried and used in pot-pourri as it retains it scent well.

Costmary Remedies

  • Costmary infused oil

    Make a solar infusion with costmary and olive or safflower oil and allow to steep for four days. Strain and apply locally to ease the pain of sciatica , gout and other like pains.

See Also :Feverfew *Tansy *

Costmary Side Effects: Costmay has been used to bring on delayed menstrual periods; if you are pregnant, avoid internal use.

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