Periwinkle Vinca minor

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Vinca minor
Periwinkle flowers and foliage
Common Names
Periwinkle , lesser periwinkle, myrtle
Botanical Name
Vinca minor
Syn. Vinca major

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Periwinkle

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How to Use: Periwinkle

The leaves, and seeds of the periwinkle contain vincamine, a precursor to the chemical vinpocetine, which is used medicinally to naturally enhance memory in aging minds.1,2 Vincamine is sold as a chemical extract in supplement form, however herbalists prefer the whole herb be used in either extract or tea form. By using the whole herb you receive the balanced blend of healing chemicals found naturally occurring in the plant. Other folk medicine uses include Diabetes, cough medicine, and as a styptic to stop bleeding.

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Teas, tinctures, supplements

Periwinkle Side Effects: Using periwinkle in the whole herb form does not pose a danger of interaction with blood thinners, however taking isolated extracts of vincamine and the chemical drug vinpocetine can pose risks and are not suited to unsupervised long term use. 1

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Plant Description

The flowers of the garden periwinkle are the inspiration of the lavender blue color name periwinkle, and this viny shrub is a popular and attractive ground cover with numerous cultivars,flower colours and variegated foliage.

Regional Traditions :European *

Related Species Vinca rosea Syn. Catharanthus roseus Madagascar Periwinkle is an endangered species native to madagascar that was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat numerous diseases, including diabetes,

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