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Anti-Bacterial Herbs and Oils for Infections

Herbal Remedies

Agrimony * Buchu * Cajeput Oil * Copaiba Balsam * Corn Silk * Couch grass * Cranberry * Damiana * Dandelion Root * Horseradish root * Horsetail * Joe-pye weed * Juniper Berries * Kava-Kava * Marsh Mallow Root * Myrtle * Oregon Grape root * Pumpkin Seed * Saw Palmetto * Shepherd's Purse * Uva Ursi *

Aromatherapy essential oils and herbs are natural infection fighters and bacteria busters. You can apply antiseptic oils like tea tree, lavender and thyme for bladder infections, skin infections, and fungus infections, and the good news is that essential oils are more effective, safer and cost less to use than synthetic compounds and antibiotics. Another advantage is that viruses, funguses and bacteria that cause infections do not become immune to essential oils and natural treatments.

goldenseal herb

Goldenseal is widely used in many herbal salves and ointments as a disinfectant. The root contains berberine and hydrastine which give goldenseal a broad-spectrum antibacterial action.

Using Herbs for Infections

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