Cajeput And Sage Room Disinfectant Spray

Cajeput and Sage Room Disinfectant spray

This room disinfectant is powerful enough to kill germs in a sick room, and smells good enough to use in any room that needs a breath of fresh air.

Cajeput Oil * Lemon * Sage * Tea Tree Oil *
Recipe Instructions: Diffusers :Use 10 to 20 drops in an aroma lamp, or dilute in a 2 percent concentration for room sprays

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Aromatherapy :Essential oils are a powerful way to enhance the beauty of your home and health.
  • Congestion :Congestion in the airways, lungs, sinus and chest makes breathing difficult and being sick even more miserable
  • Mist_spray : Aromatherapy mist spray formulas harness the powder of essential oils to heal the mind, body and spirit. Body sprays, calming sprays, refreshing room spray mists and more.
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