Coltsfoot Tea

Coltsfoot Tea

Coltsfoot tea

At our house, we consider a keeping a store of dried coltsfoot on hand a good practice for those winter coughs and colds that are bound to come. Coltsfoot tea with the addition of tea and honey is one of my all time favorite winter and flu season tisanes. This is one of the most effective cold herbs I have tried.

Colt's Foot *
Additions: Lemon and Honey
Variations:Mix with marshmallow for sore throat, anise for cough and congestion
Recipe Instructions: Herbal Tea :Standard brew.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Allergies :Common herbal remedies such for allergies
  • Asthma : There are many old fashioned home remedies that help asthmatics breathe easier. You need look no further than the kitchen. Garlic, onions and coffee have been shown to help ease breathing in asthma.
  • Colds : Be prepared for the cold and flu season by stocking your herbal medicine chest with a ready supply of herbs.
  • Congestion :Congestion in the airways, lungs, sinus and chest makes breathing difficult and being sick even more miserable
  • Cough :Homemade cough syrups and herbal medicine teas make use of simple ingredients like honey and infused with healing herbs.
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