Oil Of Bays

Oil of bays

Bay laurel is warming and analgesic, perfect for sore muscles and achy joints. You can use other herbal infused oils for the base, or olive oil alone.

Bay Laurel *
Variations:Add allspice, rosemary and/or black pepper essential oils to the mix.
Recipe Instructions: Herbal Oil Infusions :Culpepper instructs us to bruise fresh bay berries, then boil them in water until the oil floats to the top where it can be separated for use. This oil from the berries contains both fixed and volatile oils. For those of us without a fresh bay tree here are some alternative instructions.
  1. Pack a mason jar full of dry bay leaves, cover with olive oil and infuse on a slow heat for 2 weeks.
  2. Strain into clean, let oil cool to room temperature.
  3. Add 50 drops bay laurel essential oil.
Source: Nicholas Culpeper. "Culpeper's Complete Herbal" (1653), Foulsham

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Bruises/sprains :Life is full of bumps and bruises, from childhood on into old age. Bruises are the result of bleeding when the tiny capillaries under the skin are damaged, usually by an injury.
  • Ear :Herbal oils such as bay, garlic, and mullein oil can be dropped into the ears to relieve pain.
  • Pain Relief :Herbal remedies can bring blessed relief from body aches, sore muscles, headaches and arthritis pain..
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