Fo Ti Root Tea

Fo ti root tea

Fo Ti root is believed to help prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the liver and the retention of fats in the blood stream. In traditional Chinese medicine it is used to treat insomnia, and to bring back color to graying hair. Fo ti's reputation as a powerful aid in the treatment of longevity, impotence, and fertility borders on the mythical.

Fo-Ti Root *
Recipe Instructions: Decoction :Use one teaspoonful of herbal blend to each cup boiling water. Infuse for 10 minutes and drink warm. Add honey and cinnamon to improve taste.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Cardiovascular :Herbal remedies for the heart focus on how to prevent heart disease and maintain cardiovascular health.
  • Chinese : In TCM, herbs such as astragalus, ginseng, codonopsis and fo-ti are most often blended with other herbs to treat treat loss of appetite, diarrhea, high blood pressure, stress, insomnia and graying hair.
  • Cholesterol : High cholesterol is directly linked to diet and lifestyle and as such, using herbs as medicinal foods should be a first line defense and treatment.
  • Hair :Both whole herbs and essential oils can be used to promote hair and scalp health.
  • Holiday_stress :Holiday Blues? This is the time of year we let go and indulge ourselves in rich foods and strong drink.
  • Libido :For both men and women, herbal remedies to enhance libido not only improve your sex life but nourish your overall health and enhance your sense of well-being.
  • Men :There are areas of interest natural health that are of special concern to men, However, several herbs, notably
  • Sleep/Insomnia :For light to moderate sleeping problems there are effective and safe herbal remedies.
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