Absinthe With Wormwood Recipe

Absinthe circa 1800

This original recipe from the 1800's lists the herbs used to make absinthe. Wormwood contains thujone which can be hard on the liver and kidneys and should be used with caution. That said, the high alcohol of this spirit was responsible for much of the bad reputation of absinthe for deleterious side effects. If you are bravehearted enough to try making this brew, stick with occasional use in small doses.

Cautions: Use in moderate amounts. For adults only.
Anise * Coriander * Hyssop * Lemon * Licorice * Peppermint * Sweet Marjoram * Wormwood *
Recipe Instructions:
Source: Millspaugh, Charles F. "American Medicinal Plants" (1882)

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  • Archaic :Many early herbal remedies are culled from books in the public domain and continue to be of great interest to modern herbalists and others interested in the history and practice of botanical medicine. They are presented here for informational purposes only, and are not meant to be taken without the knowledge required to adapt them to modern herbal practices.
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