Fever And Ague* Mixture

Fever and Ague* Mixture

Take of the best brandy, one pint; camphor, one oz. dissolve: cloves and jalap, each 1/2 oz., Peruvian bark, 2 oz., Virginia Snake Root, 1 oz., water, one pint; boil the cloves and root with the water, to one half; strain and mix the others in powder, with the above.
Dose: A tablespoon three times a day, in the absence of fever.
Family Hand-Book, 1855

*A fever marked by paroxysms of chills and sweating recurring regular intervals

Camphor * Clove * Jalap * Peruvian Bark * Snakeroot *
Recipe Instructions:
Source: Alice Cooke Brown. Early "American Herb Recipes", (1966)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Fever :Herbs that reduce fever are used extensively in herbal remedies for colds, flu and viral infections.
mountain rose
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