Bilberry Extracts For Eye Health

Bilberry Extracts for eye health

Bilberry is available in tablets made from bilberry extract, some products combine bilberry with lutein, another supplement useful in maintaining eye health. The active ingredients in bilberry extracts break down rapidly in the body. For this reason, frequent, small doses are preferable to larger, less frequent doses. Bilberry herbal extract in capsules or tablets standardized to provide 25 percent anthocyanosides can be taken in the amount of 240 to 600 milligrams per day. For best results, you should eat dark-green, yellow, and orange vegetables daily while taking bilberry.

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Source: Balch, Phyllis A.,CNC. "Prescription for Herbal Healing", (2002)

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  • Eyes/Vision :Today's modern lifestyle includes long hours engaged with electronics: computer screens, TV screens, video games, phones, digital readers, and even old fashioned books. We tend to ignore the resulting eyestrain because we assume nothing can be done about it.
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