Spicy And Sassy Blood Tonic

Spicy and sassy blood tonic

This spicy tea is one of the best tasting I have ever concocted. It is also very healthy and contains herbs known for their effects on lowering blood sugar and increasing circulation.

Cinnamon * Hawthorn * Orange * Sassafras * Stinging Nettle *
Additions: Stevia, Lemon
Recipe Instructions: Decoction :Combine herbs with 2 quarts cold water in a non-reactive pan with a tight fitting lid. Bring to a slow boil over low heat and simmer for 20 minutes. You can choose to strain, or just let the herbs settle to the bottom and pour off the top. The longer the herbs soak, the stronger the flavor. Makes a great ice tea also.
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Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Cardiovascular :Herbal remedies for the heart focus on how to prevent heart disease and maintain cardiovascular health.
  • Colds : Be prepared for the cold and flu season by stocking your herbal medicine chest with a ready supply of herbs.
  • Diabetes :Healthy herbs in the kitchen work along with a healthy lifestyle to help prevent and manage diabetes. Baked goods are more diabetic friendly with spices like cinnamon used to lessen the need for sugar.
  • Hypertension :A holistic approach combining the use of carefully chosen herbal remedies, along with lifestyle changes can go a long way to improve the overall cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.
  • Longevity Tonics :Tonic herbs for longevity can be taken in small amounts over a long period of time, and are not meant to alter or effect any one symptom or disease.
  • Spring Tonics :Spring tonics are intended to help quicken the senses and cleanse the body after a long winter.
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