Shea Butter And Tamanu Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Shea butter and tamanu hot oil hair treatment

Shea butter

Pamper yourself this easy hair hot oil treatment. Leaves dry, flyaway hair, smooth, shiny and healthy. Good for all hair types, shea butter is a natural product of Africa, and especially valued by its women. Tamanu oil is the traditional choice of the Polynesian people, who use it to repair hair from sea, sun and wind damage. Rosemary is perhaps the most famous oil of all for its hair conditioning properties, be sure to add it after the heating process, so it's goodness does not evaporate away.

Rosemary * Shea Nut Butter * Tamanu Oil *
Recipe Instructions: :
  1. Combine the shea butter with the liquid oil and heat in a microwave safe dish, or over a low heat on the stove. Heat until just hot, but cool enough to be comfortable to apply to hair and scalp.
  2. Add the essential oil
  3. Apply to hair and scalp, massaging well into scalp
  4. Cover hair with a shower cap, or plastic wrap, then cover with towel
  5. Leave on 20 to 30 minutes
  6. Shampoo and rinse
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Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • African : The ancient African healers had an elaborate materia medica, most of the over 5,000 plant species have been used for food and medicine for centuries.
  • Hair :Both whole herbs and essential oils can be used to promote hair and scalp health.
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