Calendula Flea Bite Skin Wash

Calendula Flea bite skin wash

Calendula flowers

Use a strong brew of calendula tea as a skin and fur wash to treat your animal companion's flea bite, rashes, and scrapes. Its safe and non-toxic if they lick it off.

Calendula *
Recipe Instructions: Poultice :Use a few handfuls of the fresh petals or a tablespoon or two of dried calendula for each cup of warm water. Heat water until hot, but not boiling. Let the mixture steep until it cools to a comfortable room temperature. Strain and pour over your pet, working down into fur. No need to rinse.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Pet :Cats and dogs have health concerns that mirror our own. However, they can react very differently to herbs and foods we consume with no problem.
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