Lemon Peel Tea

Lemon Peel Tea

Lemon is one of natures most versatile fruits. Because of its High vitamin C content, antibacterial, and astringent properties, lemon is the de facto garnish in herbal teas. Lemon is used in herbal medicine to help build immunity against colds, influenza, and other viral infections.

Lemon adds a zesty, mild citrus flavor to herbal tea blends and can be enjoyed as a single tea. It is not nearly as mouth-puckering astringent as fresh lemon.

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Recipe Instructions: Herbal Tea :Use 1 teaspoon of dried lemon peel pieces. for each cup. Blends well other lemony herbs such as lemon balm, lemon verbena and agrimony. Add a touch of brown sugar or honey to bring out the flavor.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Herbal Teas :Herbal Tea - This method is commonly referred to as a standard brew., or herbal infusion. Herbal tea making is just as much of an art as it is a science
  • Sore Throat :Herbal teas, steams, and gargles are the perfect vehicles for delivering powerful herbal medicine right where you need it for a sore throat
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