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Elderberry Wine

Andrographis * Angelica root * Anise Seed * Astragalus root * Bay Rum essential oil * Black Pepper * Boneset * Butterbur * Cajeput Oil * Calamus root * Camphor * Catnip * Cinnamon * Colt's Foot * Dandelion Root * Echinacea * Elderberry * Eucalyptus * Forsythia Fruit * Garlic * Ginger Root * Goldenseal * Holy Basil * Horehound * Juniper Berries * Lavender * Lemon Balm * Licorice Root * Linden * Meadowsweet * Myrrh * Niaouli Oil * Peppermint * Pine * Poke Root * Rosemary * Sage * Soapwort * Vervain * White Peony root * White Willow Bark * Wild Cherry Bark * Yarrow *

Be prepared for the cold and flu season by stocking your herbal medicine chest with a ready supply of herbs that are antibacterial, as well as those that help reduce fevers, break up congestion, quiet coughs, and soothe aches and pains.

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We still cannot cure the common cold, but many families have their own trusted home remedies for colds that are treasured and passed down from generation to generation because they work so well. Grandma really did know best when it came to home remedies for colds. Herbal teas with lemon, eucalyptus, thyme and mint teas, served with a generous dollop of honey put to shame any store bought chemical concoctions sold at the drugstore. Homemade hot chocolate may be the best thing for a child with a cold and you don't have to hold their noses in order to get them to "take their medicine." My own favorites are the warming cordials made with black cherry, elder berries, spices and brandy. These warming, hardy winter drinks are fun to drink and share with friends, even if you don't have the sniffles.


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