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Chamomile * Echinacea * Garlic * Hops * Lavender * Mullein * St. John's Wort *

Ear pain in adults is less likely to be from an ear infection than that of children. What you perceive as ear pain may actually be coming from another location, such as your temperomandibular joint, your teeth, throat, or other location.<

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Herbal oils such as bay, garlic, and mullein oil can be dropped into the ears to relieve pain. You can make a good remedy for the ear pain and swimmer's ear with natural antiseptics, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

A warm herb filled pillow made of hops, chamomile or other sedative herbs can help you get needed pain relief and rest. To combat occasional ear and get you through a middle of the night attack, hot herbal poultice can be very helpful. For a simple compress fill a small muslin pouch with chamomile, lavender, or other dried herbs and flowers, heat in hot water and apply to the swelling.


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