Foot baths, powders and fungus treatments

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Herbal foot powders and sprays to keep your feet sweet smelling and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Tender feet, swollen feet or ankles can benefit foot-bath of hot water and herbs

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You can use soapwort root as a foot bath additive by crushing some dried root and putting a few tablespoons in a muslin bag. If you boil the root first to extract the juice, the results will be even better. Hot water poured on bruised black mustard seed makes a stimulating foot bath that improves poor ciculation that can clear a stuffy head while you relax your tired feet. For varicose veins, soak feet in a tepid bath with lemon oil or lavender oil.

Treating fungus infections of the feet. Tea tree oil is a good fungus treatment for feet. It has a broad spectrum of antimicrobial and antifungal activity that make it perfect for treating fungus infections. Add the oil to a warm foot bath, or apply it sparenlyndirectly to the affected area. Neem oil can be used in the same way and is very effective, but not a nice smelling as tea tree.

Foot powders can be used to keep feet dry and sweet smelling. You will be pleased at how simple they are to make.


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