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Poison ivy, allergic reactions, flea and insect bites, diaper rash - these can all be treated at home using your own herbal oils and skin wash remedies. Herbal solutions are especially effective on minor skin abrasions because they calm the inflammation, reduce itching, are antibacterial and regenerative to damaged skin. No need to run to the drugstore, these natural remedies are as close as your back yard and kitchen cupboard.

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Herbal Baths are a great way to treat widespread rashes, and heat rashes in those hard to reach places that flare up in summer time. A soothing bath of chamomile and oatmeal is a luxurious way to start the healing process. A simple home remedy that most everyone has on hand is baking soda and vinegar. Just add about 2 cups of vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda to a tepid bath to and relax away the hurt. This simple bath also works well on sunburns. Baths with tea bags of full of green or black tea will help dry the rashes and stop itching, all for pennies an a bath. For an especially bad rash you may want to use comfrey leaf in your bath or as a skin wash.

Keep witch hazel and aloe on hand for all types of skin first aid. If you don't have witch hazel on hand in the medicine cabinet, you should, it is an almost universal remedy for any kind of itching, inflamed skin, no matter what kind of rash or bug bite you have it starts to work immediately upon contact. Use in a cool compress or just pour over the affected area. Add fresh lemon balm leaves to witch hazel for a skin treatment that smells as good as it works. Use anytime you would use plain witch hazel to sooth and tone skin and stop itching. If you don't have witch hazel, rubbing alcohol is an acceptable substitute.Aloe vera gel is another herbal medicine staple to heal rashes and hydrates the skin. Aloe is an almost universal remedy for any kind of itching, inflamed skin, no matter what kind of rash you have.

There are many essential oils that are antibacterial and healing to the skin that you can use, but if you keep only one on hand, choose lavender. Lavender is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and healing to the skin. A tea made from the fresh or dried lavender flowers can be applied as a skin wash to relieve itching due to flea bites and rashes, or the essential oil can be used. Chamomile is also excellent for skin rashes, but costs much more than lavender in the concentrated essential oil form. However for those who have especially sensitive skin should consider investing in it. Just a few drops can work wonders on rashy and irritated skin, yet it is so gentle that it is safe for baby's tender skin.


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