Shampoo: Homemade Organics

* rosemary * Chamomile * Lemon * Sage * Coconut Oil * Almond Oil * Stinging Nettle * Lavender * Comfrey * Calendula

Old fashioned remedies for organic shampoos are easy to make and cost much less than pricey 'botanical' name brands.

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Learn how to use home ingredients like eggs and borax to make simple and effective hair treatments. Herbal infusions of rosemary and sage can be added to shampoos that will nourish your hair and control dandruff and itching. Essential oils like lemon, lavender and grapefruit are often added to shampoos to add shine and an uplifting fragrance to natural hair care remedies. Coconut oil is used to treat dry and damaged hair and as a lathering ingredient for natural shampoos and soaps.


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