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There are many traditional recipes that call for the smoking of herbs. The smoking of leaves has been recommended for coughs since the time of Dioscordies, Galen and Pliny.

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Coltsfoot predominates in many of these herbal smoking mixtures and forms the basis of British Herbal Tobacco. Smoking herbs directly in pipes or the use of charcoal burners was often prescribed this smoking for "asthma, catarrh and the difficult breathing of old bronchitis" according to Ms. Grieve as late as the 1930s.

In North America Lobelia was known as Indian tobacco. The name might have arisen either from the peculiar tobacco-like sensation imparted to the tongue and stomach on chewing the leaves, or from the fact that the American Indians often smoked the dried leaves for pleasure as well as for medicinal purposes. Burning herbs is a sacred practice used for prayer and purification is respected in many cultures. White ceremonial sage, sweetgrass braids, yarrow, mugwort are often burned in cleansing ceremonies. Experiment with different aromatic herbs to find the combination that speaks to your spirit.


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