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Herbal remedies like St. Johns wort and tamanu oil offer protection and healing in cases of sunburn.

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We are more like plants than we realize, a healthy human needs sunlight. Sunlight helps our bodies make Vitamin D, supports the proper functioning of our hormones, and helps clear up skin disorders like acne and psoriasis. Unfortunately our careless species has poked some holes in our atmospheres protective ozone layer, turning beneficial sunlight into a health hazard. This means we have to be a bit smarter in how we manage our sun exposure. The amount of safe sun exposure is going to vary with your skin type, but as a general rule 10 to 20 minutes a day should be a good starting point. If you see any signs of pink or reddening skin, you are burning - cover up and seek the shade. Use a sunscreen to minimize risk when you are at the beach, working outside, or in any situation where you will be in the sun for extended periods. Minerals zinc or titanium based products offer a wider spectrum of protection, and do not break down quickly like products based on the chemical avobenzone. Some natural sunscreen formulations containing shea butter, tamanu oil, St. Johns Wort oil, and chaparral tinctures can also afford some protection.


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