Wart cures with home remedies

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You can find some of most popular wart cures growing right in your backyard or garden. For the most part the wart must be robbed lightly with the freshly-cut stem or leaf, and the juice left to dry on. Some are milder to the skin and generally take longer, like dandelion and basil, and not surprisingly, the most caustic ones like celedine and bloodroot work a little quicker, but require more careful application.

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Warts Remedies

In addition to its 1001 other uses duct tape is a duct tape is an surprising effect remedy for verrucas (plantar warts). According to the Mckinly Health Center at the University of Illinois, (who have a some really good, free handouts available for download)

  1. The duct tape should be cut approximately 1/4 inch in size larger than the actual wart(s). If the duct tape covers too much normal, healthy skin tissues, skin irritation will develop.
  2. The duct tape should be left in place for cycles lasting six days. After six days, the duct tape should be removed, the wart soaked, then gently debrided with a thick emery board or pumice stone and left uncovered overnight.
  3. A new piece of duct tape should be reapplied the next morning.


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