Cramp-Reliving Tea

Cramp Bark Tea Nighttime Blend

Cramp bark blended with valerian helps to relax and relieve uterine cramps and painful periods. This blend also works as an all around muscle relaxer. Drink a warm, soothing cup of this tea whenever stomach cramps get you down. Calming motherwort aids in soothing a stressful mind.

Cramp bark * Motherwort * Valerian *
Recipe Instructions: Decoction : This remedy calls for a combination decoction/tea. Bring crampbark to a gentle boil in 2 cups cold water. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes minutes. Pour over valerian and motherwort and infuse in closed teapot for another 10 minutes. Add honey to taste.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Cramps/abdominal :Many of the same herbal remedies can be used for dysmenorrhea (painful periods), abdominal pain and stomach cramps
  • Dysmenorrhea :Treat your painful period cramps with herbal teas and aromatherapy massage blends.
  • PMS :The effects of PMS range from mild to devastating an include edema, breast pain, depression,nervous tension, cramps, cravings, and more.
  • Sleep/Insomnia :For light to moderate sleeping problems there are effective and safe herbal remedies.
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