Grapefruit Extract Household Uses

Grapefruit Extract Household Uses

Grapefruit Extract Household Uses

Grapefruit extract is user-friendly, versatile,easy to use, and environmentally safe, so safe in fact that you can use it to purify drinking water to kill disease causing pathogens when traveling, or in cases of emergency (ten drops per gallon of clear water). It is often added to homemade cosmetics and medicinal formulations to extend shelf-life.

Toothbrush Cleaner
Stir 2-4 drops of extract into a glass of water. Immerse toothbrush for 15 minutes. Be sure to rinse toothbrush before using. Change water and remix every 2-3 days.

Vegetable Wash
Sink Washing:Add 20 or more drops of extract into a sink full of cold water. Briefly soak any vegetables, meats fruits, or poultry.
Spray Washing: Add 20 drops per 32oz bottle of water with sprayer pump. Shake thoroughly and spray on any vegetables, meats, fruits, or poultry. Rinse when done.

All Purpose Cleaner
Add 15-30 drops of extract to any 32 oz pump sprayer filled with your favorite cleanser or this can be added just to water. Grapefruit seed extract can be used to clean fungus and mildew off of shower stalls, tile, swimming pools,and birdbaths.
Dish & Utensil Cleaner : Add 10-20 drops of extract to sink dishwashing water or to final rinse. You may do the same for dishwashers.
Cutting Board Cleaner: Apply 5-10 drops of extract to cutting board and work into entire board with a wet sponge or dishcloth. Leave on for at least 30 minutes. Rinse with water before using.

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  • Green Home :Make your own toxic-free green cleaners using common household ingredients like vinegar combined with the powder of pure essential oils and herbal extracts.
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