Wormwood Oil For Insect Repellent

Green Bug Repellent Oil

This is an effective bug repellent, based on Julliette de Bairacli Levy's recipe in her book Traveler's Joy. It's dual action is provided by first extracting the bitter herbs into a carrier oil base and then adding strong-acting essential oils. Also an excellent after-bite remedy, tones and softens skin too.

Olive Oil * PennyRoyal * Rue * Sage * Tansy * Wormwood *
Recipe Instructions: Herbal Oil Infusions :

Coarsely grind herbs. Proceed to make an herbal-infused oil with the herbs and olive oil following the instructions for herbal oils. Pour strained herbal-infused oil into a jar, add the essential oils, cap and shake. It is ready for use. You may not have access to all of these herbs, unless you are growing them, if so you can make a simpler oil with just the wormwood. The effectiveness of the oil depends in large part on the bitterness of the wormwood, good quality wormwood should taste disgustingly bitter and have strong aroma.

Green Bug Juice With Fresh Herbs
If you are growing these herbs, stuff a jar half full with wormwood and then filling the rest of the jar with equal parts of rue, sage, tansy, pennyroyal, and southernwood and make your herbal oil infusion. For every 2 ounces of strained oil you get, add 50 drops eucalyptus, 13 drops lemongrass and 10 drops of spearmint.

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Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Herb_Infused_Oil :Herb infused oils are easy to make, even for beginning home herbalists. A warm sunny window, dried or fresh herbs, organic olive oil and a little time is all you need. Remedies using comfrey, calendula, St. Johns wort and others are indispensable healing agents for healing agent for treating cuts, scrapes, chapped skin, diaper rash, eczema, and windburn etc..
  • Insect Repellent :Getting rid of insects,pests and mosquitoes. There are many benefits of using natural insect repellent remedies rather than commercial sprays based on toxins.
  • Insect/flea Bites :Herbal oils make excellent after-bite remedies because they calm the inflammation, reduce itching, are antibacterial and regenerative to damaged skin.
  • Skin Care :Natural, organic skin care remedies do a better job of protecting and healing skin than store bought cosmetics.
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