Basic Good Morning "Coffee" Mix

Herbal Chicory Coffee Recipe Health Benefits

Chicory coffee mix

Morning is the time to help your body cleanse toxins from your system. This dark, sweet, and spicy blend is gently diuretic while supporting healthy potassium levels. The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities of white willow are especially helpful for those of us with morning inflammation from arthritis.

Chicory * Dandelion * Sarsaparilla * White Willow *
Variations:Add fresh grated ginger for a hotter, spicier tea. Add a teaspoon of chopped reishi mushroom for more energy.
Recipe Instructions: Decoction :Use 1 tablespoon of mix to each cup of water. Bring to a boil slowly over a low flame and simmer for at least 10 minutes. Steep until cool enough to drink. Make enough for a 2 to 3 cups to drink during the day.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Arthritis :There are many other herbal medicines that fight inflammation and relieve pain; you will find the details on how to use them in the following pages.
  • Detoxification :Regular use of depurative herbs will help detox your body and most importantly support your liver. Poor liver function is one of the most common root causes of poor health.
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