Homemade Rose And Sweet Flower Oils

Homemade rose and sweet flower oils


Take a quantity of fresh, fragrant leaves, both the stalk and flower leaves; cord very thin layers of cotton*, and dip them in fine Florence oil**; put alternate layers of the cotton and leaves in a glass jar, or large tumbler; sprinkle a very little fine salt on each layer of the flowers; cover the jar close, and place it in a window exposed to the sun. In two weeks a fragrant oil may be squeezed out of the cotton. Rose leaves, ***mignonette, and sweet scented clover, make nice perfumes.
* Cheese cloth
**High grade olive oil
***A Victorian favorite, grown for its sweet ambrosial scent of its flowers

The Improved Housewife or Book of Receipts, 1858

Rose *
Recipe Instructions:
Source: Alice Cooke Brown. Early "American Herb Recipes", (1966)

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