Pennyroyal For Fleas

Pennyroyal for fleas


pet remedy Pennyroyal is excellent for getting rid of fleas, rub the crushed leaves on your pet and use a strong decoction the in the water when you mop the floors. Fresh leaves are best, however if you don't grow this herb substitute a few drops of essential oil. Do not use the essential oil directly on cats
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Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Insect Repellent :Getting rid of insects,pests and mosquitoes. There are many benefits of using natural insect repellent remedies rather than commercial sprays based on toxins.
  • Insect/flea Bites :Herbal oils make excellent after-bite remedies because they calm the inflammation, reduce itching, are antibacterial and regenerative to damaged skin.
  • Pet :Cats and dogs have health concerns that mirror our own. However, they can react very differently to herbs and foods we consume with no problem.
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