Rosewater Homemade


Homemade rosewater has so many uses and is so easy to make. Red, strongly-scented roses are optimal, but use what you have, rather than store bought roses, which most likely have been sprayed with chemicals. The more fragrant the roses, the stronger the scent of the rosewater. Rosewater can be used on its own as a facial toner, or incorporated into many homemade creams and lotions.

Rose * Witch Hazel *
Additions: A few drops of pure rose otto or rose geranium essential oil will enhance the scent.
Variations:substitute unflavored vodka for witch hazel
Recipe Instructions: Tincture :
  1. Place rose petals in a quart jar.
  2. Make a mixture that is a 3/4 witch hazel to 1/4 distilled water and pour over the rose petals, covering them and leaving an additional 2 to 4 inches of liquid above the flowers.
  3. Cover tightly and place in a warm place out of direct sunlight. In a few weeks, strain and rebottle for use.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Beauty : Natural beauty comes from nature not labs and factories. There are many over-the-counter, mass produced, personal care products that can be replaced with a few basic ingredients using these old fashioned remedies for personal care.
  • Facial Care :Natural facial care remedies use organic ingredients that cost only pennies an application.
  • Skin Care :Natural, organic skin care remedies do a better job of protecting and healing skin than store bought cosmetics.
mountain rose
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