Tea Herbal Remedies

Drinking 4 cups of tea per day provides a benefical dosage of the plants phytonutrients. Combining green tea with curcumin from ginger or turmeric can increase the anti-tumor properties of each. 5

Tea Tools: Tea making can be as simple or complex as you desire. The basics are a teakettle to boil water, and a teapot with a lid to infuse the tea. Most teapots have a built in strainer, if not you can infuse the tea in the pot and strain as you pour. There is a whole host of different strainers, from tea balls to open bamboo strainers that float in the cup. Have fun experimenting and finding the right method to fit your lifestyle. The only thing you should avoid is pre-made tea bags. The tea leaves sold this way are not as fresh and generally of an inferior grade, and cost ten times as much per ounce as loose leaf tea. You can purchase empty tea bags made for filling with your own tea, perfect for taking with you to the office or anytime you want to make your brew to go.

  1. Start with good quality bulk loose leaf tea - there are countless cultivars and varieties to choose from .
  2. Use 1 teaspoon of tea for each cup hot water.
  3. Heat the teapot by rinsing out with hot water before infusing your tea.
  4. Pour hot (not boiling) water over the tea leaves and infuse gently for a few minutes. The longer tea steeps, the stronger it gets, and some varieties can get bitter.
  5. Sip at least 2 - 5 cups a day to get a therapeutic dose of tea.