Elder Blossom Wine

Elder Blossom Wine

from a 1700 English receipt

  • 1 pint elder blossoms tightly packed
  • 2 yeast cakes
  • 3 pounds raisins
  • 3 gallons boiling water
  • 9 pounds sugar
Put blossoms in covered stone jar. Let stand until you can shake off blossoms but not long enough for them to turn black. Add sugar and pour over boiling water. When lukewarm, add yeast cakes.Let stand for 5 days, turning once or twice a day. Chop raisins and add Let work. About January or February strain and bottle.

Elder *
Recipe Instructions:
Source: Plymouth Antiquarian Society (1957)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Archaic :Many early herbal remedies are culled from books in the public domain and continue to be of great interest to modern herbalists and others interested in the history and practice of botanical medicine. They are presented here for informational purposes only, and are not meant to be taken without the knowledge required to adapt them to modern herbal practices.
  • Libations/Cocktails :The use of herbs as intoxicants is an ancient rite of celebration. Herbs like hops and wormwood are used as brewing ingredients
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