Fresh Basil Summer Herb Tea

Fresh Basil Summer Tea

Like other herbs in the mint family, basil settles the stomach, improves appetite, and is a natural disinfectant. Basil is known for its many varieties, many with distinct aromas that come from different qualities in the essential oils contained in the leaves.

Basil is such a widely used kitchen staple that it may not occur to you to think of it as a tea herb. During the summer months, when basil is growing abundantly the fresh leaves do indeed make a very refreshing, mildly stimulating tea that is great served hot or iced.

Basil *
Additions: Stevia, Lemon
Variations:All the myriad cultivars (lemon, thai, cinnamon, chocolate, etc) add their own unique flavor twists Mixes well with mints.
Recipe Instructions: Herbal Tea :Use a handful of freshly picked leaves for each cup of hot water. Chop or cut leaves and infuse in hot water until cool enough to drink. Serve over ice with a lemon twist.

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Culinary/Kitchen :You already have a powerful natural home health remedies in your kitchen. Culinary herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme not only add taste to foods, they make the food you eat better for you.
  • Herbal Teas :Herbal Tea - This method is commonly referred to as a standard brew., or herbal infusion. Herbal tea making is just as much of an art as it is a science
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