Aloe For Wrinkles

Aloe for wrinkles

Aloe is a potent natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids that are found in pricey facial care products. The thick juice from a broken leaf of aloe is an excellent home beauty treatment to nourish the skin and diminish wrinkles -if you don't have aloe as a house plant use only the purest, highest quality aloe gel. Commercial aloe skin care products (containing stabilized aloe) do not have the power of fresh aloe because they no longer contain any tannins, and are mostly adulterated with alcohol.

Aloe Vera *
Additions: A few drops of lavender or geranium oil
Recipe Instructions: :Wash the face with hot water and a dash of vinegar to remove dirt and oils. Apply a generous amount of aloe and let it soak into your face all night as a moisturizing treatment You skin will feel a bit tacky, but after a cool water wash in the morning, it will be soft and smooth
Source: Adele Dawson "Herbs: Partners in Life," (2000)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Beauty : Natural beauty comes from nature not labs and factories. There are many over-the-counter, mass produced, personal care products that can be replaced with a few basic ingredients using these old fashioned remedies for personal care.
  • Facial Care :Natural facial care remedies use organic ingredients that cost only pennies an application.
  • Skin Care :Natural, organic skin care remedies do a better job of protecting and healing skin than store bought cosmetics.
  • Wrinkles :Natural beauty treatments that nourish the skin and diminish wrinkles.
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