Bean Flower Poultice

Bean flower poultice

Flowering Beans

Half a pint of the juice of the leaves, (Bean, Common) when the plant is in the blossom, boiled gently with a pint of new cream, and half a pound of the best honey, in an unglazed earthen pipkin*, till half is consumed, is recommended for the cure of a cancer, or any other tumour, if applied thrice in a day.

Vid, Father Abraham's Almanack, published at Philadelphia for 1795.
*earthenware cooking pot used for cooking over direct heat from coals or a wood fire

Phaseolus vulgaris *
Recipe Instructions:
Source: Alice Cooke Brown. Early "American Herb Recipes", (1966)

Tags and Uses for this Remedy

  • Archaic :Many early herbal remedies are culled from books in the public domain and continue to be of great interest to modern herbalists and others interested in the history and practice of botanical medicine. They are presented here for informational purposes only, and are not meant to be taken without the knowledge required to adapt them to modern herbal practices.
  • Cancer Prevention :There are many nourishing herbs that have anti-tumor properties which can and should be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle.
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