foxglove digatalis Digitalis purpurea

  • Common Names
  • foxglove digatalis
  • Botanical Name
  • Digitalis purpurea
  • Family

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Foxglove Digatalis

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How to Use: foxglove digatalis

Digitalis was introduced as a medicinal plant by William Withering in 1758. The field of digitalis heart therapy is based on his work. The active principles of digitalis are cardiac glycosides. The problem with using this plant drug is the full therapeutic dose is very close to that where toxic effects develop. The very exacting dosages required therefor remove this plant from any consideration as a home herbal medicine.

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Not for home use.

foxglove digatalis Side Effects: Toxic! All aerial parts of the plant, the leaves, flowers and seeds are poisonous to humans and some animals and can be fatal if eaten.

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