Cashew Nut Anacardium occidentale

Anacardium occidentale
Cashews ready for harvest.
  • Common Names
  • Cashew Nut , Cajueiro, jambu
  • Botanical Name
  • Anacardium occidentale
  • Family
  • Anacardiaceae

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Cashew Nut

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  • Medicinal Uses: * Nutrition * South_American
  • Properties: * Astringent * Hypoglycemic * Vermifuge
  • Parts Used: bark, stems, nuts, and resin
  • Constituents: alpha-linolenic-acid ,anacardic-acid,arginine ,ascorbic-acid, benzaldehyde,beta-carotene ,beta-sitosterol,calcium ,gallic-acid ,palmitic-acid ,oleic-acid ,riboflavin, salicylic-acid ,selenium,tocopherol ,vanadium ,zinc

How to Use: Cashew Nut

Cashew nuts could possibly hold answers in the search for better ways to treat diabetes and high blood sugar. Animal studies with diabetic rats fed nut milk extract are promising, but more study is needed. 1 Anacardiaceae spp have long been used in the folk medicine and traditional cuisines of India, South America and the Caribbean. Cajueiro,as the tree is known in Brazil contains naturally occurring analogs of the latest diabetes drugs without their potential for liver damage or weight gain. 2,3

Preparation Methods & Dosage :Cashew nuts should be eaten freely as part of a healthy diet. Cajueiro is available as a tincture. Follow dosing instructions from physician if taking for diabetes.

Cashew Nut Side Effects: The oil in the nut shell can cause skin irritation if it is not heated first to render the oil less caustic. Never eat cashews raw. They are not dangerous after being roasted in the shell.

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    When using cajueiro for diabetes, patience is required. Lower blood sugars may not be observed for three to four weeks. However, blood sugar should be measured at least daily to make sure the combination of cajueiro and prescribed insulin and/or other medications does not lower sugars excessively.
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