Mexico, South American Aztecs ,Incas Herbal Tradition

Zea Mays

Acai Berry * Agaricus blazei mushroom * Agave syrup * Allspice * Annatto Seed * Arrowroot powder * Boldo * Cacao * Cashew Nut * Cat's Claw * Catuaba * Cayenne Pepper * Chanca Piedra * Coca, cocaine * Corn Silk * Damiana * Datura * Epazote * Guarana * Jamaican Dogwood * Muira puama * Papaya * Peruvian Bark * Prickly Pear * Quassia * Ramon Nut *

Central and South America have an unparalleled richness of diverse flora, Brazil alone has some 55,000 species of flowering plants. In addition to moderate and tropical forests, many familiar plants come from the drier regions such as Zea mays (corn), and the medicinal and edible peppers, squashes and papayas. The amazon rainforest may hold mankind's last best hope or finding new drugs to combat disease and sustain health. The amount of acres that have been lost to deforestation is heartbreaking as is the loss of much of the knowledge of the indigenous peoples whose oral traditions are being replaced by Western medicine and cultures.

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