Ramon Nut Brosimum alicastrum

Brosimum alicastrum
  • Common Names
  • Ramon Nut , Maya nut, breadnut
  • Botanical Name
  • Brosimum alicastrum
  • Family

Medicinal Uses & Benefits of Ramon Nut

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  • Medicinal Uses: * Nutrition * South_American
  • Parts Used: Nut powder
  • Constituents: fiber, calcium, potassium, folic acid, iron, zinc, protein and vitamins a, e, c and b

How to Use: Ramon Nut

Ramon nut powder is a highly nutritious food that has been used as a famine food and crop since the time of the Mayans. Today the chocolate like taste is enjoyed as a healthy, non-caffeine coffee substitute.

Preparation Methods & Dosage :

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Ramon Nut Remedies

Ramon Nut Side Effects: None noted

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Plant Description

Native tree of central america, called the breadtree for the use of the ground nuts in flatbreads. The nuts fall to the ground in the spring, and can be eaten raw, or roasted.

Regional Traditions :Central and South America *