Plants Belonging To Lamiaceae

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If you come across a plant with a squarish stem and opposite leaves you most likely have a member of the wide ranging mint family. The Lamiaceae (formally Labiatae) family has about 180 genera and some 3,500 species, about 50 of which are present here in North America. Elpel, Thomas J. It would be entirely possible to have a well stocked kitchen for the most demanding of chefs using only these plants; our cupboards would indeed be bare without them as many of our most favorite culinary herbs are represented; Rosemary, Sage and Lavender, Oregano and Basil, Thyme and Savory. Bitter mints are well represented by motherwort, hyssop and horehound. This plant family is a rich source of aromatherapy oils and medicinal oils including menthol.