Fragrant Smudge Stick

Fragrant Smudge Stick

Burning herbs is a sacred practice used for prayer and purification that is respected in most American Indian traditions. Mountain Rose herbs sells whole leaf white ceremonial sage, sweetgrass braids, and other aromatics that are ready made for smudges.

Mugwort, bergamot, mints, yarrow, bearberry and tobacco (not from cigarettes!!), make all be used to good purpose. Experiment with different aromatic herbs to find the combination that speaks to your spirit.

Cautions: Do not burn smudges in enclosed areas, or around babies or those with respiratory problems.
Bee Balm * Mugwort * Yarrow *
Recipe Instructions: Smoke/Smudge :

Gather several fresh stalks of your favorite herbs with leaves and blossoms intact. Lay a sheet of newspaper open. Hold the herb stalks tightly in one hand, and bend them gently over onto themselves to form a 7 to 8 inch long wand. Roll up your herb wand tightly in the newspaper, working from an angle, and secure with string or rubber bands. Let the bundle dry thoroughly out of direct sun for at least several days. You can periodically unwrap and check the progress, securing the bundle more snugly each time. Humid weather will delay the drying process.

When the herbs are dry, unwrap the bundle and discard the newspaper. Tie the herbs with fine cotton string or cord. Ignite one end to burn. You can perch the bundled herbs upright in a coffee can filled with an inch or two of sand, or use as a ceremonial smudge.

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